Further Information

To assist you with deciding whether to invest your time and resources into making an application, the following information may help:-

  1. Currently the focus of our funding is for projects and groups based in the North East of England, which includes:-
    Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, County Durham and Tees Valley.
  2. Amounts up to £5,000 – We acknowledge receipt of all written requests, but please note, this may take a little while due to PO Box procedures.  Decisions on whether to fund are made twice yearly, usually in late June and December, after which time we contact all applicants to advise the outcome of their request.
  3. Amounts over £5,000  –  A computer generated acknowledgement will sent to all applicants following receipt of the completed Initial Application.  The application will be processed in the following manner:-
    1. Trustees are forwarded a monthly schedule of all initial applications received.
    2. Where interest is shown, arrangements are made for two Trustees to attend a meeting with the applicant at their premises. A short proposal document, or occasionally, a full application form may be required following that meeting.
    3. Where no interest is shown in the initial application, the applicant is advised that it has been declined.
    4. Decisions on funding are made at Trustee Board Meetings, which are normally held in February, June, September and November each year.
    5. Applicants are advised of decisions made during the week following the Trust Board Meeting.
  4. There is no closing date for applications to be made; it is a continual rolling process.  Initial applications received close to a Trustee Board Meeting are more likely to be decided upon in the subsequent grant giving period.
  5. There is no limit to the number of initial applications the Trustees will review in any period.
  6. Please note, we require details of the annual income and expenditure for each charity.  This is simply to provide useful background information as part of our due diligence process and is NOT used as a way of filtering out certain sized charities.  All initial applications are reviewed regardless of the size of the charity.
  7. No formal feedback can be provided on unsuccessful applications but, in exceptional circumstances, a Trustee will provide comments over the telephone on a proposal document received.
  8. There is no minimum or maximum threshold to the funding that can be applied for.  However, please consider the genuine costs of your proposal, any other grants awarded, or have been applied for elsewhere.  We may also need to review your budget.
  9. The larger the fund applied for, the greater the amount of detail we may require.
  10. Should you receive a grant from the Ballinger Charitable Trust you may be asked to provide an independent report on how successfully the grant/project has been managed.
  11. We do not fund sponsorship of any kind.
  12. There is a 12 month period before applicants may reapply.