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We are a charity supporting young carers in Gateshead aged between 8 and 18 years.

With the help of the Ballinger Charitable Trust we have been able to compile an activity calendar providing activities for this age group ranging from theatre trips and issue based work around internet safety, to overnight stays and meals out.

Feedback from the young carers has shown that the greatest benefit for them is to meet with other young people in similar circumstances and form friendships which extend outside of the activities. They also valued building relationships with the staff which enabled them to discuss any issues they had around the impact their caring role was having.

“It’s been such a good trip and I couldn’t spend it with a better group, friendships have been made BFF!!! (best friends forever)”

“I have really enjoyed today. The BBC tour was epic. I learnt a lot”

“Had a really nice time at the meal, food was awesome. Nice to meet new people.”

“I am glad you have these trips. If I did not come out with you I would be in the house most of the time”

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