Update – January 2021

Please note that we are not currently accepting online applications.  This pause may remain in place throughout 2021, but will be reviewed on a quarterly basis at Trustee Meetings.

In 2020, we distributed £1.9m in grant monies, which represents a decrease of 10% on our average five-year grant giving – despite a forecast 75% drop in our cash income in the same period.

In 2021 we are targeting a minimum grant spend of £1.7m (whilst forecasting that our cash income in 2021 is unlikely to increase from the much-reduced 2020 level).  We are planning this level of grant spend by utilising our available reserves.

We are focused on distributing grants through our existing multi-year grant relationships.   Where those relationships are ending, we plan to renew as many of those as we can, but on a 12-month basis going forward.  We also have a small amount of money ear-marked for targeting new grant opportunities through our funder networks and relationships but, again, only on a 12-month basis.   (By using our existing networks to find grant opportunities, we aim to save abortive work in organisations preparing online applications when we do not have the same level of financial resource to support with grants).

Thank you for your understanding – and feel free to continue to contact us for any help or guidance using the details at the foot of this page.

We will continue to update this page on a regular basis.

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